Identifying Slight to Bad Baby Rash Caused By Diaper

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By identifying slight or bad baby rash caused by diaper, will be easier for you to determine what step you will take to give the best care for your baby. Occasionally, a diaper rash will soon resolve in a few weeks, so after the few days diaper rash does not go away you may consider the treatment or call the doctor.

Moderate To Bad Baby Rash Caused By Diaper Rash

At least there is six categories of diaper rash that range from slight to bad baby rash. The first one is slight diaper rash, this rash may occur as a slightly clear to a clear pinkish rash that spotted in a small area. The rash may occur as a single raised papule or bump and there is slight dryness seen on the affected area. The second category is mild diaper rash. It occurs as a definite redness spotted in small area or seen as scattered raised papules or bumps. The rash may accompanied with a moderate scaling or dryness on the affected area. Mild-moderate diaper rash is the next category that occurs as a definite redness to an intense redness spotted in small area. The rash accompanied by raised bumps and moderate scaling.

Bad Baby Rash Caused By Diaper Rash With Intense Redness

Moderate diaper rash may lead to bad baby rash that identified as a definite red rash in a bigger scale of skin area or a very intense redness found in a small area. A more papules found in the affected area accompanied with some fluid-filled bumps or pustules. You may see a slight peeling and swelling. Moderate to severe diaper rash identified as there is definite redness or an intense redness in a small area with no swelling found or there is a large area of papules or raised bumps. The bumps occasionally accompanied with fluid-filled bumps or pustules and there is moderate peeling and or swelling found. A very severe diaper rash identified as an intense redness spotted in a large area and or there is severe peeling or severe swelling. The outer layer of skin may loss or bleeding found. There is large and connected areas of papules and abundant raised, fluid-filled bumps found.

Bad Baby Rash Caused By Diaper

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